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Patty Lager eating apple
Meet Patty

In the mid-1990s, I was a medical student studying at an Osteopathic Medical School.  I had always loved learning about the human body, especially how to keep the body healthy. However, as a medical student, I felt as if something was missing.  With the desire to expand my knowledge in how to help people heal, I decided to reach out to Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD so that I could intern with him.  At the time, he was helping people heal via the principles of Natural Hygiene, and people came to stay with him so that they could reverse their physical ailments via water fasting and lifestyle changes.  What I had learned working with Dr. Fuhrman completely changed my understanding of “health”.

I saw first-hand that our health was not something we had no control over.  I learned that there are universal principles that govern our physical health, and that we have complete control to walk the path of Well-ville or Hell-ville.

After leaving medical school, I decided to NOT practice allopathic medicine.  Instead, I decided to become an educator.  I completed a Master’s degree in Biochemistry, and began teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology, eventually becoming a Tenured Professor.  I have been teaching pre-health professionals about how the human body works for over two decades now.  In this time, I have refined my ability to simply explain to others how their body functions...

Grape Cure and Grapes
Detoxification Consultations
  • Scientific explanations simply describing how and why humans (and animals) begin to feel negative symptoms in the body
  • How the body, if given the opportunity, can remove the true cause of illness
  • An overview of what your iris is revealing about your state of health and genetic weaknesses
  • Lifestyle and dietary advice explaining how YOU can best support healing (for you and your loved ones)
  • Simple steps you can take to maximize your detoxification experience
  • Additional recommendations to support emotional and spiritual health while your body returns to a state of homeostasis (balanced health)
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