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Natural Law and Health

Greetings! This is my first blog. I plan on sharing both video and written content here in my blog. With my new website, I will be focusing on living a life aligned with Natural Law. Natural Law is based on the principles that are inherent to creation. Another way of thinking about natural law is karma. Natural law is universal and applies anywhere in the universe (regardless of location). Natural law is eternal and immutable and applies for as long as the universe has existed. Natural law cannot be changed. This information regarding natural law was taught to me by Mark Passio. Please refer to the video below for a short introduction to natural law: In contrast to natural law, there is man's law. Man's law is responsible for the current chaos in our society. Man's law is based upon dogmatic beliefs. With man's law, most people obey it not because it is moral to do so, but due to a fear of punishment. Man's law is mutable and can change if you cross an imaginary line. This is referred to as moral relativism. There is an evil agenda that is trying to control the minds of humans. Many humans believe that truth is subjective. Alas, wrong living will result in dis-ease.

I have named my website Natural Law Health because the only true way to express health and to reverse disease is to align with Natural Law.

There have been many great men and women before me from which I have gained knowledge regarding Natural Law and Health. Much of my own personal knowledge of health has come from the philosophy of Natural Hygiene. Natural Hygiene was first written about by Dr. Herbert Shelton. Simply put, Natural Hygiene implies that we as humans observe the laws of life in order to maintain health, with the health allowing us to gain higher levels of consciousness. So, what are some of the principles of natural hygiene? Here are some of its principles:

  • Proper nutrition (raw, organic foods from Nature)

  • Pure water with proper hydration

  • Sunshine

  • Rest

  • Joyful and comfortable physical activity

  • A stress-free environment

  • Positive social relationships

I hope you all will join me as I explore Natural Law in its relationship to our health. Right now, humans are being lied to. We are being told that health comes from external sources. However, healing only comes from within: from the intrinsic mechanisms already genetically programmed by each and every one of beautiful cells. In essence, our body knows how to keep us alive and running perfectly. We do not need anything external to be brought into our bodies as most of these foreign substances interfere with normal bodily functions.

Many people have been programmed to obey. In the realm of health, people obey those wearing white coats. I do understand that it is often quite scary to go against "medical authorities" when it comes to embarking upon a path to bring your body back to a state of health. However, when one makes a commitment to trust Nature (which resides within each beautiful cell of our body) as well as the energy that connects every cell together as a beautiful “Whole”, the wisdom of our Body will remove all obstructions, allowing for the expression of Health.

Please subscribe to my website in order to receive more updates and motivational content so that we can all share the truth when it comes to healing and living a vibrant healthy life. Blessings!


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